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Seer Green Baptist Church, Buckinghamshire England. 

Home Church for Tim & Marion Cox.

Also responsible for helping several local villages receive boreholes.

 Click [Here] to see their website.



Southborough Lane Baptist Church, Kent, England 

Malcolm Spreckley's home church.

Also responsible for a gift to enable the first batch of bricks to be delivered, as well as many boreholes in the region.

Ckick [Here] to see their website



 Malcolm Spreckley, (also a Trustee of the Cox Family Christian Trust)


Tim & Marion Cox


Trustees of the Cox Family Christian Trust 

For their Website, click [HERE]

For Trust email, click [Here]


For Tim's  Company - TC TRAINING 

- Tactical Communications Training Websire, click [Here]

- TC Training email link, click [Here]



RENEW World Outreach

REACHING THE REMOTE through audio/visual media, as supplied to the Cox Family Christian Trust for the Holistic Gospel Church.




Mailing Address:
Renew World Outreach
62 Knox Chapel Road
Social Circle, GA 30025, USA


EMAIL > []






Solar panels enable the unit

to be charged when no

electricity is available 

All you need to show what you

want in one bag. 

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